If you weren’t there then you just wouldn’t understand. The Fashion Show, Art Opening, and Farm Festivities made this past weekend exude an unbelievable energy that makes Dekalb, Dekalb. It all kicked off with an open bar by Brooklyn Beats and a tasting by Nile Valley, Tea by Tiffany, Cuzins Duzin and Pasticcio. BBOX was cueing beats that brought the vibe to the next level.

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GRAND OPENING Friday, August 26th Brooklyn, NY – When was the last time a shopping experience thrilled you? 3rd Ward, the Brooklyn design incubator, is set to debut SHOPBOX, an innovative, expertly curated store at Downtown Brooklyn’s Dekalb Market.

Located in a prime spot at the Market’s entrance, SHOPBOX has taken adaptive reuse to the next level by combining technology, design and fun. SHOPBOX features:

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Dekalb Market’s tagline is: “Makers – Artists – Farmers – Chefs.” This about sums up the much-anticipated opening of the salvage-shipyard-cum-market in downtown Brooklyn’s Fulton Mall. The market aims to bring together creative entrpreneurs in an otherwise-unused urban space where they can promote, “entrepreneurship, quality, community, and sustainability” through design and operation. Dekalb Market is a joint venture between UK-based Urban Space and Young Woo & Associates.

The space curently houses an incubator farm, food market, performance venue, eateries and work-sell spaces. This past weekend’s musical lineup:

  • DJ RawBeatz, Saturday 4 pm – close
  • DJ Bolex, Sunday 12 p.m. – 4 p.m.

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Dekalb Market—a collection of 22 shipping containers hawking food and clothing—recently opened at the site of the former Albee Square Mall. This would no doubt sadden Biz Markie, who penned quite an ode to Albee Square.

Ever-vigilant Chowhounds have begun weighing in with early reports on Delkab Market’s food, thanks to a desperate query from the desk-bound parkslopemama. ChiefHDB, always one of the first on the scene, reports trying a braised short rib sandwich and chicken biscuit from Cheeky Sandwiches. He was “disappointed that there are no po’ boys at this location” (which are available at the Lower East Side Cheeky outpost) but was happy about eating dessert at Robicelli’s: “Chicken and waffle cupcake, Bailey’s cheesecake whoopie pie and a bacon and bourbon brownie were all incredible, but I have to say the brownie was the best.”

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On Thursday, August 18, 2011 please join Hank & JoJo, Little Poco and Cuzin’s Kidz for a free live performance by Rolie Polie Guacamole!

Rolie Polie Guacamole, the very popular Brooklyn based children’s band, will perform their hits at The Dekalb Market located at 332 Flatbush Ave. Ext in Brooklyn, NY from 3-4pm! Children, parents and friends are invited for music, dancing and free popcorn and lemonade provided by Cuzin’s Kidz (while supplies last). Following the performance kids can enjoy fun times in the Cuzin’s Kidz Moon Bounce!

The concert is sponsored by Hank & JoJo, a children’s shop focused on local, eco-friendly, handmade and totally awesome stuff for kids. Also by Little Poco, a children’s store inspired to create baby goods that reflect the sabor of childhood. And, Cuzin’s Kidz, the famed Brooklyn children’s event specialists!



As previously mentioned, we finally recieved our permits! After waiting for over a year, we haven’t been more ready to get this thing going. Containers are being delivered and are being fitted out as we speak. Our salvaged shipping containers are a beauty! See Exhibit A.


First up on site are the retail units. Our peeps at Pratt, Kudu-lah, Yakblak, B66, Harriets Alter Ego, 3rd Ward, Brooklyn Rock, Hank and Jojo, Daga Antiques, Brooklyn Bodega, and Little Poco (more to announce soon!) are ready with hammer and hard hat in hand. From puppet shows to live hand screenings, these vendors are not only selling they are entertaining too.

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Come see us at the Mad. Sq. EATS Market, Wed. May 11th from 6-9pm for the announcement of the Not Just A Container contest winner! Who’s it gonna be? Eckart Graeve’s Bike Box, Donna Zimmerman’s BBox Radio, Craig Shillitto’s Market Share, Alex Fortney’s Produce Stand, or Christopher Kiernan’s Zoko?? The carefully selected panel of judges have chosen the winner BUT we’re not saying a peep till TONIGHT!! Read More


Spread the word! We are happy to announce that the judges have chosen the top 5 finalists. In no particular order they are as follows: Donna Zimmerman-BBox Radio, Craig Shillitto-Market Share, Eckart Graeve-Bike Box, Alex Fortney-Produce Stand, and Christopher Kieran-Zoko. Congratulations! Visit our facebook page to view the top 5 submissions and help the judges pick a winner. We’d like to thank the judges for their selections and all the contestants for your hard work and creativity. We will soon feature the top 27 entries on our blog in order to slowly induce lots of oohhh’s and aahhh’s. They really do rock!

Wow! What a great turn out. We have received an enormous amount of such innovative ideas and are super excited to see the end result. The effort and creativity of the entries are simply amazing and the Dekalb Market would be honored to house such star entrepreneurship! Leave it up to the creative minds to turn a steel box into a living, breathing work of art! The entries are now en route to the judges for the selection of the top 5 and will be posted on our Facebook page open to public “liking”. So, get your thumbs up ready! Thanks again to all the contestants and good luck! Stay tuned for more updates!

It’s the oldest business around. Or perhaps the second oldest — but even that trade relied on markets to grow. Markets and market culture are nothing new. Perhaps they are enjoying a renaissance these days with the explosion of markets popping up and coming to Brooklyn.

The announcements over the past week have certainly made it seem like this is the beginning of a new wave in alt retail. Cynics might call it a get-on-the-bandwagon sensation but we think it’s part of the same market forces that make markets different, ripe for discovery, and exciting venues for engagement. Whether it’s the news of Urban Space’s DeKalb Market, the sizzling after-hours idea for waterfront fun coming to Greenpoint called the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, or Brooklyn Flea‘s doubling-down in Williamsburg with a Saturday food market and a Sunday food and vintage market on the waterfront, things are about to get groovy for the whole culture of artists, designers, fleasters, foodies and the cult of fans and fan boys that loves to shop them.

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The Brooklyn Flea is leaving the downtown areafor Williamsburg this summer (that’s on Sundays; they’ll still be in Fort Greene on Saturdays), but a new food-friendly market is coming to the downtown area. Come early summer, Urban Space Management (operators of the Holiday Market at Union Square) and developer Youngwoo & Associates will set up shipping containers on a plot of land at Flatbush and Willoughby that will eventually become a part of Woo’s the CityPoint development. We’re told the salvaged containers will house food vendors such as Robicelli’s (the cupcake enterprise that used to have a store in Bay Ridge) and Cuzin’s Duzin (the cookie- and doughnut-maker that used to have a location at the Albee Square Mall). The outdoor portion of the DeKalb Market will serve as an educational farm hosting six local farmers, and there’ll be a market with a butcher, dairy products, and the like. The lineup is still coming together, and you can still apply to be a vendor— they’re giving preference to first-time retailers.



Post image for Not Just A Container:

Urban Space presents ‘NOT JUST A CONTAINER’, a competition to uncover the most creative and innovative use for a shipping container to be located in a downtown Brooklyn retail location.

Geared towards the design and emerging entrepreneurial community, “NOT JUST A CONTAINER” is a competition to re-imagine a recycled shipping container as shelter for art, commerce or agriculture.

The winner will build his/her concept at Dekalb Market, a new community destination coming to downtown Brooklyn’s Fulton Mall Early Summer. Dekalb Market, housed in a collection of salvaged shipping containers, will bring together Brooklyn’s creative entrepreneurs in a community setting that will include an incubator farm, food market, events and performance venue, and a collection of eateries and work-sell spaces.


The goal of the competition is to support the growth of Brooklyn’s creative community by helping a local entrepreneur realize his or her dream of opening a bricks and mortar location and to raise awareness of the Dekalb Market.

In the spirit of the Dekalb Market, Contestants will be judged on the following:

KEY CRITERIA. Design Quality, Sustainability, Community Impact, and Entrepreneurship.

SUGGESTIONS. Uses for the space could be, but are not limited to: a farm structure, store, art installation, work-sell space, restaurant, sports and music venue.

PRIZES. Our winner will be awarded with a container license (work/sell space) rent free for six months,  $3K design/construction budget and free consultation, select construction materials from Green Depot, one year membership to 3rd Ward, one year membership to the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, press exposure and online feature at www.dekalbmarket.com.

SCHEDULE. Your entry deadline is April 9, 2011 11:59pm EST. Construction will start at the Market opening date. The five top finalists, selected on April 19, 2011 by our panel of architects, designers, artists, media partners and entrepreneurs, will be featured on the Dekalb Market Facebook page for public voting until April 30th. On May 1, 2011, Urban Space will announce the winner according to the tallied public votes on its Facebook page.

CONTAINER SPECS. Designs must conform to an 8’ wide by 20’ long by 9.5’ high ISO steel shipping container. Second and third prizes may be awarded to conceptual entries but 1st prize will be awarded to a buildable entry. External interventions, depending upon specifics, may or may not be possible to implement on site.

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