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by Dekalb Market on August 16, 2011

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Dekalb Market—a collection of 22 shipping containers hawking food and clothing—recently opened at the site of the former Albee Square Mall. This would no doubt sadden Biz Markie, who penned quite an ode to Albee Square.

Ever-vigilant Chowhounds have begun weighing in with early reports on Delkab Market’s food, thanks to a desperate query from the desk-bound parkslopemama. ChiefHDB, always one of the first on the scene, reports trying a braised short rib sandwich and chicken biscuit from Cheeky Sandwiches. He was “disappointed that there are no po’ boys at this location” (which are available at the Lower East Side Cheeky outpost) but was happy about eating dessert at Robicelli’s: “Chicken and waffle cupcake, Bailey’s cheesecake whoopie pie and a bacon and bourbon brownie were all incredible, but I have to say the brownie was the best.”


Spoony Bard seconds that emotion, commenting that “Robicelli’s cupcakes are far more interesting in flavor and texture than any other cupcakes around (for example, the pie-like peach slices on the peach melba cupcake).” He was also a fan of Mazie’s for their mac and cheese, and Sour Puss Pickles for their bitter okra salad.

Daniel76 chimes in with a small warning: “Everything was pretty much closed” by 9:30, even though the hours state that shops will be open until 10. He still thinks the place is “really impressive,” though, and wondered whether they’re serving beer. Spoony Bard to the rescue: You can apparently sip cans of Brooklyn Lager and Brooklyn Summer at a few picnic tables under a tent.

Have you been by the Dekalb Market? What do you think?

Dekalb Market [Downtown Brooklyn]
332 Flatbush Avenue Extension, Brooklyn

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