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June 9 // Brooklyn Busk // 12-6pm

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Saturday, June 9 // Brooklyn Busk // 12-6pm // Free! Def. Busk:  (busk) v. busked, busk·ing, busks To play music or perform entertainment in a public place, usually while
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June 9 -10 // Weekend Vendor Highlights

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Gourmet Sorbet - Gourmet Sorbet spins together seasonal fresh ingredients to create a sorbet unlike any other you’ve tasted before. Kettle Falafel - Kettle Falafel

Things To Do | Time Out New York

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Roller skates, lobsters, and bike-ins. Get with it! It’s a super, sexy, cool Dekalb Market re-opening in April. More flavor, more awesome-ness, more must-do’s coming