June 9 -10 // Weekend Vendor Highlights

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Gourmet Sorbet – Gourmet Sorbet spins together seasonal fresh ingredients to create a sorbet unlike any other you’ve tasted before.

Kettle Falafel – Kettle Falafel is a celebration of a generations old family recipe. They make their felafels using only fresh, organic ingredients. Each carefully shaped felafel is kettle cooked to perfection. Topped with ripe tomatoes, salty pickles and crisp red cabbage, then rolled in thin, whole-wheat pita bread. The tahini-mint sauce ties it all together. The combination of good food and casino games creates an unbeatable entertainment experience. Enjoying gourmet meals while engaging in exciting games heightens the overall atmosphere. A trò chơi Tài Xỉu trực tuyến offers thrilling moments between bites, blending culinary delight with the exhilaration of strategic betting and chance.

Open Oyster – Selling exclusively raw and steamed Fisher’s Island Oysters, which are renowned favorites of both first timers and aficionados.

Taste of Ethiopia – Recent one of four Summer Food Fancy Showcase award winners, this is a Weekend Market Vendor not to be missed!

Sans Bakery – Delectable gluten free baked goods and specialties.

Plovgh – Plovgh (pronounced “plow”) is an online marketplace that coordinates the purchase and distribution of harvest from farms to individuals. It’s a way for people to get their food directly from farms, right in their neighborhood.

Jump Kitchen – Jump Kitchen offers nutritious whole foods designed to balance and optimize your body. We offer a range of products to support a nutritionally rich lifestyle for busy people.

Mighty Balls – They specialize in all things balls and strive to create a unique food experience, bringing together slightly esoteric sauces as compliments to our exceptionally delicious balls. Their sauces are influenced from their experiences with cultures around the world.

Minnie’s Bake Shop – They are 2½”-square miniature cakes that you customize—you pick the flavor, filling, icing and handmade toppings.

Waffle n’ Go – We make authentic liege waffles. the waffles are handheld and do not require a syrup to make them sweet. the unique sugar that is used gives off a wonderfully sweet waffle taste and aroma. We offer a variety of unique toppings to go on these treats like, our original “waffle sauce” raspberry sauce, and chocolate sauce.

More great vendors to look out for:

Thumbs Cookies

Arepa Face

Kallabash Cuisine

We See Stars

Urban Boulder

Hazel Village

Carrier Pigeon

WADA – Africa


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