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Food 360 is a project of FamilyCook Productions in partnership with Dekalb Market. The mission of Food 360 is to provide farm-to-table job training for inner-city, at-risk youth. Young people from 18 years+ experience hands-on training in 360 degrees of food systems, from growing, to harvesting, to cooking, to processing food products, to selling these products at the market, and the value of composting the food waste.  The trainees will teach back this new reality of food in the form of workshops for the general public, including cooking and nutrition education for families that shop at the market, as well as garden workshops for local preschool and elementary classes.

The program is funded by a generous grant from the NYC Workforce Development Corporation, a not for profit unit of the NYC Small Business Solutions department of the NYC Economic Development Corporation. We look forward to growing the support for this program.


In Phase 2 of the development of the Food 360 Kitchen, we anticipate development of a shared community kitchen with Market Share. Market Share is an entity that provides work space, retail space and business assistance to food entrepreneurs. Inasmuch Market Share and FamilyCook combined will demonstrate the entire life cycle of an individual’s discovery, apprenticeship, and mastery over skills related to a legitimate food business.  With FamilyCook’s curriculum and training expertise and Market Share’s industry expertise, youth participating in Food 360 will be offered a real opportunity to be a part of the burgeoning phenomenon food entrepreneurship in Brooklyn and NYC in general.  Support our work here.


We will be updating this space soon with the list of employers who will be accepting interns and recruiting staff through our job-training.


Family Cook Productions

Family Cook Productions is a nationally recognized not-for-profit whose Teen Battle Chef program provides in-depth training in the culinary arts and nutritional education to high school and post-high school students. Students from their program will provide some of the agricultural support this summer as interns on the farm, rotating through all our guest farmers for a full education.


Newton Farm Collective

Newton Farm Collective is a group of Brooklyn-based farmers, Rupert Newton, Lynn Loflin and Megan Paska (of the Brooklyn Homesteader). They focus on “nutrient dense” organic farming techniques including a Brooklyn brand compost comprised of local breweries hops and grains, local coffee shops grinds and a variety of other Brooklyn-sourced waste products. They currently run an organic farm located in the Catskills where farmers rotate between there and the city, providing produce for Brooklyn and Lower East Side restaurants.


Kujichaguilia is a project of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. MXGM-NY Food Justice Community believes that food is a human right and that control of our own food systems is critical to the self-determination of New Afrikan people. With our guiding principals of self-determination and grassroots organization, we aim to empower our people to demand and work towards a community control over food, farm land, and our own institutions. By establishing our own gardens, connecting with ally farmers, enhancing our cooperative economic power and intensive political education and outreach we gain food sovereignty and control of food production in our neighborhoods.


3rd Ward

3rdward is a renowned artist collective based in Bushwick that provides educational services in multiple fields. They intend to create a plot for research, learning and experimentation that will explore urban agriculture and it’s hurtles, such as harsh climates, confined spaces and poor soil. They intend to host classes that will explore “everyone aspect of food systems”.


Brooklyn Grange

Brooklyn Grange Farm is the largest rooftop farm in the US, located in Long Island City. They will be managing a perma-culture garden on the DeKalb Farm.

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