September 29 // The Brooklyn Fall Classic // 3 - 9pm // FREE

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September 29 // The Brooklyn Fall Classic // 3 - 9pm // FREE

Join us September 29th at The Brooklyn Fall Classic to celebrate our culture, a fresh new fall and to bring the Dekalb Market to a close with LIVE MUSIC by a special guest artists and sounds curated by celebrity DJ’s MOMA, MOS and DJ KISS. Hosted By Chef Roble, Team Mancini, Good Spot and Yellow Brick Agency.

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  1. Alex September 20, 2012 at 2:02 am

    NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! i hear this will be the LAST party/event/day at Dekalb Market. It’s so sad. Countless people of all ages/styles/backgrounds have come together and enjoyed this oasis of music/warmth/food/culture/dance/fun and now it’s going to be folded down to make way for a boring Century 21 Department store? Seriously? What a loss to our community. Please keep the market, or keep it close so we can continue to dance, love and connect in this vibrant gem of Brooklyn.