Vendor Spotlight: Maharlika

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Starting as a brunch pop-up in January 2011, Maharlika Filipino Moderno offers authentic Pinoy fare that’s surprisingly hard to find elsewhere around the city. Maharlika’s brick and mortar location in the East Village remains very well regarded.

At the wonderful Dekalb Market outpost, you’ll find an array of changing menu items, including siao pao, steamed buns with all manner of traditional and non-traditional Pinoy fillings, or a longganiza, a Filipino sausage topped with pickled carrots and a bagoong mayo (akin to mayo with fish sauce). On a hot day, you would do well choosing skewered, barbecued meats (chicken, beef, or pork), served with garlic rice. Whatever you get, don’t miss the condiment area and definitely don’t be afraid to ask what’s in each!


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