September 14 // Spirits In Motion // 5 – 10pm // FREE

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September 14 // Spirits In Motion // 5 – 10pm // FREE

At “Spirits In Motion” we are committed to connecting a bridge between House music and the Culture of New Orleans. When one hears stories of magic and music, one of the places that often comes to mind is the Historic city of New Orleans. “Spirits In Motion” embodies and shares this spirit that separates New Orleans from the rest of the world. The “Second Line” is the ultimate highlight of our event. This traditional dance celebrates participants walking, strutting, and twirling an umbrella or handkerchief in the air, is called “Second Lining”. We also incorporate Mardi Gras colors, beads throws and whistle blowing with selections from New Orleans Grammy Award winning “Rebirth Brass Band”. Coming fully equipped with a line-up of world class DJ’s; Residents DJ’s Montana aka MontiGetMo & Nadeeah Eshe of ”Spirits In Motion” is taking the house music scene by Storm. As well as world-talent, Tony Touch! Creating a space of Love, Partnership & Abundance, the Spirits In Motion family is more than a business…its Family—the family that House Music built.

Join us for this Friday for our last celebratory event at Dekalb Market and feast upon our southern style menu provided by our weekend market vendors.


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  1. Alan Alfred Liddell September 14, 2012 at 6:51 pm

    I cannot wait for THIS {9/14/12} installment of SPIRITS IN MOTION @ The DeKalb Market. I have the Distinct and Succinct Privilege & Pleasure of being a Recurrent “Co-Host” for and with the SIM Loft Parties, as I Initially did for the 11.11.11 Event. I just LOVE the FACT that this Collective represents where Both Montana Monti & I, represent Best. Our BIRTHPLACES of “Nu Awlins” RIGHT CHERE…UP HERE In NYC. :-).