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Nextdoororganics, appropriately nestled within its green container unit, is considerably more than a food vendor. The Dekalb location acts as flagship and hub for their “innovative CSA (community supported agriculture) program where [they] source the best locally grown vegetables, herbs, and flowers, using only organic practices, as well as other locally made, small batch, and seasonally available products.”











What’s great about this particular setup is that whether picking up your CSA share, or simply meandering through the market, you can sample these incredibly fresh, local and delicious products at their seasonal peek, expertly prepared.

The Hot & Sweet Burger I recently had is a case in point. The cooked to order (and in bacon fat) grass fed beef patty is topped with a light cabbage slaw and tucked between a nicely toasted brioche-style bun. On it’s own, this would be an excellent burger. Really ramping up the flavor profile though, is the addition of another layer of fat, in the form of apple butter. Add in a dash of heat from some heirloom peppers, and the result is a salty, sweet, spicy riff on the classic American sandwich.

$8.25 for a burger of this caliber is a deal, but throw in a lightly tossed Field Green salad with raw corn and you’ve got a total steal on your hands. Presented in a nice, easy to transport box, this is a restaurant quality meal at a street vendor price.

Currently working in the NYC metro area and Rhode Island, Nextdoororganics ultimately envisions “ a distributed food network where backyards, school plots, and brownfields are used to support local food systems and strengthen communities.” We here at the market couldn’t agree more.




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