Weekend Vendor Spotlight: Dreamscoops

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DreamScoops uses only the freshest grass fed dairy and locally sourced ingredients to make ice cream for everyone, including those who live a vegan lifestyle.


DM: When/why did you both decide to create Dreamscoops? 

DS: I think the main reasons we chose ice cream is that on some level, it truly defines who we are as people. It feels extremely rewarding to produce something that makes both of us happy, and all of those who enjoy it. I had always dreamed of working with food and have been very passionate ever since I had learned that I could somehow make it a reality. My friends and family are true ice cream connoisseurs, so creating a perfect flavor can surely be difficult at times! But Leona always seems to find a way.

DM: What makes Dreamscoops unique amongst all other ice cream makers?

DS:  That’s a tough question to answer.  The slow food movement has yielded a large amount of artisans who are hanging up their “office cleats” and strapping on their aprons. A few of our customers have compared our flavors to some of our role models such as Blue Marble Ice Cream, Ample Hills Creamery and Ici Ice cream out west. We never felt a competitive edge to try and create better flavors and can’t begin to describe how flattered we feel to be in the same category as them. We just want to make ice cream and share it with the world. We use locally sourced ingredients, free of unnatural sustainers and absolutely no gums. Most of our flavors are 6 or less ingredients. We’ve never really viewed competition as a bad thing and are purely happy to be up and running! We know others will make amazing ice cream and we will buy it and enjoy it! We hold a tremendous amount of respect for the local artisan food producers who are constantly helping those around them succeed. The owner of Ample Hills Creamery didn’t have to pick up the phone and offer insight into a vat pasteurizer so that we could be a licensed milk plant, but he did and we are. Julian over at melt bakery has been awesome in allowing us to produce in his commercial kitchen until we find our own home. It goes to show you how this community has been a helpful one.


DM: I know you guys recently collaborated with a Thai restaurant in East Village (Ngam). Where else can we find your ice cream? 

DS: Yes! you can find us at Ngam in the Lower East Side of Manhattan on 3rd avenue between 12th and 13th. Chef Hong and restaurant manager Jackie have been just flat out awesome, and the food is absolutely delicious! You can also find us in Summit, New Jersey at a restaurant called Food. Look for us to be featured on a cooking show soon together! As for other retail spots, we will be starting in a second location in Cooper Park, Brooklyn, located in East Williamsburg at a farmers market on Sundays. We also have a few other Easter egg surprises that we can’t yet reveal, but stay tuned to our twitter and facebook for more information!

DM: Here’s a fun one for you guys. Where do you DREAM of your ice cream SCOOPS being in say … five years?

DM: I think this question really hits home. Dreamscoops has always envisioned itself as one day having a few retail shoppes. Obviously, New York City is our home base for now, but I absolutely love Palm Beach, Florida and Hermosa Beach California for future locations. Leona was born and raised in northern California and has always dreamed of relocating out west someday. Who knows. But for now, we are happy where we are. 

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