September 21 - 23 // Omnivore Food Festival

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Omnivore loves New York. It’s vertical lanscapes with glass-buildings and redbrick houses with on top water containers eyeing over the city, it’s multi-culturality and wild parties (be it elegant rooftop get-togethers or utterly alternative backyard gatherings where the best frozen margaritas and oven-baked pizzas are served). But what Omnivore longs for the most, is the diversity of food : the dim-sums in Chinatown, the high-end dinners in the city, the porc-buns and pizzas…
Omnivore ought to pay tribute to the underground cuisine, the pop-ups and food trucks. Omnivore World Tour New York, hence, will be a subtle mix of discoveries and tributes. The Omnivore Mobile Kitchen will be set-up in a Brooklyn-market made out of containers, the Dekalb Market. The farm’s and market’s daily life will be heated up by Omnivore’s Masterclasses, Fucking Dinners and Omnivorious Party!
Come join international Young Cuisine representatives and America’s next big chefs for a special outdoor-edition of the Omnivore World Tour!
During the Omnivore World Tour NYC, Omnivore invites on stage the new generation of American chefs and international representatives of the Young Cuisine. Some of the most creative chefs and some highly inventive newcomers have agreed to come to Omnivore’s Festival to share their culinary visions and their know-how. Join the Young Cuisine in Brooklyn!

Saturday, the 22nd of September 2012 – Dekalb Market
Dominique Crenn (Atelier Crenn – San Francisco, USA)
From Versailles, in France, up to San Francisco, Dominique Crenn has built her path. First woman working as a chef in Indonesia, winner of the American Iron Chef, Dominique is not afraid of challenges. Since the opening of Atelier Crenn, in January 2011, she’s utterly invested in reinventing herself everyday.
Alexandre Couillon (La Marine – Noirmoutier, France)
Alexandre, who received the special OMNIVORE FRIEND prize in 2011, is a young-minded and very invested chef. After having worked for several reknowned French restaurants (with Thierry Marx for instance), he opened his own bistrot on a notable island called Noirmoutier where he masters the art of cooking shellfish, squids, and seaweeds. We’ll always remember the now famous dessert he created (for 200 Omnivore guests on the beach of Noirmoutier nonetheless) out of seaweed, wild fennel and chocolate. A star was born!
Ivan Shishkin (Delicatessen – Moscow, Russia)
One of the co-owners of Delicatessen, this self-taught chef has really made himself has been discovered by Omnivore 3 years ago. Former chemist, Ivan rejuvenates russian cuisine, and tours the world to bring back to Moscow new concepts (like the food truck he just opened – serving magnificent burgers and hotdogs). Whether it’s his rye flour pasta or his wood-oven pizza with spicy spinach, russian sausage and sour cream, as an America-lover Ivan could not miss being part of Omnivore NY’s fourth edition!
Gita Seaton (Nouveau Palais – Montréal, Canada)
A year ago, Gita Seaton buckles down the repossession of the Nouveau Palais. In this incongruous venue, her hosts are invited to taste creative dishes as well as some closer to the American « diners » spirit. Moreover, once a month, Gita Seaton’s open mindedness leads her to shed some light on a rising chef, offering him the possibility to compound a whole menu for one night, inviting her hosts to discover the chefs of the next generation. A true Omnivore spirit!
Brooks Headley (Del Posto – NYC, USA)
Brooks has long flirted with the idea of becoming a punk musician before he discovered pastry at 27. He has evolved in the kitchens as an autodidact ever since – and this has been a blessing. Wholly instinctive, he cooks as he plays. Brooks gives a new tempo to dessert time and Omnivore loves it. You will too!
4:15pm- 4:55pm
Jose Ramirez (Chez Jose – NYC, USA)
Puerto-Rico born Jose Ramirez is Ignacio Mattos former sous-chef at ISA. In early summer, he stated his own pop up, Chez Jose, held at Whirlybird Café in Brooklyn. Since July, Jose has put his efforts together with architects Huy Bui, Carlos Gomez and Jon Schramm to bring the pop-up experience to a new level. Matching with the outdoorsy character of his new place, Jose’s cuisine springs out a highly freed conception of modern American cuisine. Watch out, Chez Jose has only 8 seats!
Christophe Dufau (Les Bacchanales – Vences, France)
Christophe has already seen, tasted and cooked every possible thing on earth. Malaisisa, Italia, New York and nine years of Danish cooking may explain the uniqueness of the dishes this UFO from Vence is constantly creating. Each mouthful of his explosive combinations such as rhubarb and pumpkin, mimosa and goat meat, or asparagus ice cream is like vegetal bombs! Let him surprise you.


Be it at Dekalb Market, or in New York’s most refreshing restaurants, don’t miss the four-handed dinners with the daring name! You won’t be disappointed by the duos constituted of a NYC-based chef and an international one. For one night only, and for a limited number of guests (not more than 12 at Blanca!), those young chefs will prepare the most stunning and creative menu. A unique experience!


Saturday, the 22nd of September 2012
Omnivore’s French/No French Dinner with Dominique Crenn (Atelier Crenn – SF) and Alexandre Couillon (La Marine d’Alex – Noirmoutier) will be held in Dekalb Market during the French Day of Gastronomy. Each chef will prepare dishes inspired by his idea of French Cuisine. Guests will also enjoy French cheeses and pastry. Voulez-vous manger avec moi, ce soir?
Dekalb Market : 138 Willoughby Street, Brooklyn NY 11201
Mark Ladner & Brooke Headley (Del Posto – NYC) will be invited by Carlo Mirarchi (Roberta’s – NYC) at his recently opened 12-seat restaurant Blanca. Being both self-thought and crazy inspired individuals, you can be sure to have the time of your life! A must-do!
Blanca’s : 261 Moore Street, Brooklyn NY 11206


Sunday, the 23rd of September 2012
Dekalb Market, starts at 1PM


Tibbits tickets soon to buy!


What would be a festival without a proper party? Come honor the Young Cuisine and the young spirited at the Omnivorious Party. The chefs will present their vision of the American street food, and several DJ’s will be playing all afternoon long.
Come taste the international Young Cuisine!
DJ-sets to be announced.
The music will be for free.

Check the website for full details.


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