July 22 // First Look Summer Sessions: Well Done // 2 – 10pm // FREE

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First Look Sessions continuously evolves. From showcases to concert series, the events just keep growing, but the mission remains the same: to provide the independent artist with a stage from which he/she can shine.

Enter First Look Summer Sessions: The 1st Independent Festival Series, better known as “Well Done”. The only BBQ on the East Coast to lock in 18+ artists & bands to perform at this free, all ages event held at the Dekalb Market in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn.

Besides getting to hear the latest music from the underground hip hop culture that thrives throughout Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn and Philly, there will also be an opportunity for supporting local entrepeneurs in the sustainable environment that is Dekalb Market. There’s something for everyone here whether it’s shopping, relaxing with a beer by the community gardens or enjoying freshly made fare from one of the many eateries.

Come out on Sunday, July 22nd where the activities will take place from 2pm to 10pm, with sounds from DJ Brake and performances hosted by Jimmy Mac MacNeal of Bulldog Bikes and Miss Lissa of the “Know It All Show” on PNC Radio.

Oh and did we mention free food will be provided for a limited time by a very special guest making a quick stop off his national tour to come support the event, #4FUN locos and to tantalize our tastebuds with his secret “Swag Sauce”? Yep it’s Hood Chef manning the grill! Duh it is a BBQ right?

So stay tuned from now until the 22nd as FIRSTLOOK iTV begins the countdown to Well Done. Every day we will feature an artist from the lineup, providing music videos, links and bios as a sneak peek of what to expect at the show.


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