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In an article by the New York Observer, Dekalb Market made the cut for “The Best New Architecture of 2011”. We’ve worked hard to make it the best public space for everyone to enjoy. Cool design + cool vibe = Dekalb Market 🙂 We’re off making big plans for our Spring 2012 re-opening so be sure to come kick off the season with Dekalb Market!

It has not been a great year for buildings, but that does not mean this has been a bad year for architecture. In years past, the soaring condos and office towers of the building boom have dominated this list. Most of those are done, finally done, or never will be done. We still find room for two, but the vast majority are civic buildings and public spaces, perhaps what New York needs now more than ever as the city continues to fill up with more New Yorkers. It has been a good year to find room to breath, to see, to walk, to live.


DeKalb Market

Proving that it does not take much to constitute architecture, Dekalb Market transformed a vacant lot in Downtown Brooklyn into an open-air mall and gathering point, and all it took was some savvy shopkeepers, artisans and chefs and a few shipping containers and a blow torch.The brainchild of developer Young Woo and British designers Urban Space, this is a holdover until a real mall, City Point, can be built, which, no matter how nice the design, will probably never be as dynamic a place to visit as the Dekalb Market.

The Designer Dozen: The Best New York Architecture of 2011 and a Good Year for Public Space


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