MXGM story timeThis weekend please join us at the farm for several fun, educational events, varying for all age groups. Friday evening (6-8pm) learn to identify several unintended friends and their culinary uses at our Edible Weed workshop, brought to you by Dekalb Farmers from MXGM. This workshop will be repeated the following day from 2-4pm. Classes are free to MXGM members, suggested donation $5 for all others.

We will be continuing our preschool workshops for children ages 3-5 Saturday at 11:30 with another Story Time! Then Sunday at 2:30 Willow, our lovable rabbit puppet makes another guest appearance with the help of the Family Cook Productions interns. Last weekend was a hit when we read stories, sang songs featuring our favorite farm animals, sampled local apples and dipped our fingers in chocolate. This weekend many other fun surprises lay in wait, so we hope to see you there!


Local… a word that gets bandied about quite a bit these days. Local this, local that. Dekalb Farm takes it serious. We are serious about helping our community and neighbors eat healthy, buy smart and grow for themselves. ‘Why Local?’ will kick off our summer workshop series by answering this question—once and for all. Come Monday (August 8th) evening at 6pm for a fun and informative workshop, then stay for dinner! We will be making a delicious summer salad and a fresh pesto with produce from our farm. Yum! This workshop is for young and old alike, so bring the whole family.

The workshop will be hosted by Dekalb farmer Lynn Loflin of the Newton Farm Collective, a group of Catskill farmers who also live, grow and educate in Brooklyn. They are stewards of a plot at the Dekalb Farm and will be collaborating on workshops, cooking events and other projects throughout the summer. So, stop by and check us out!