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Are you excited for Fall Fest? We are. Not only will we have lots of new vendors to show off as part of our Phase II relaunching, but there will be plenty of special tricks and treats for the whole family too. Here is the weekend line-up:

Saturday: Children‘s face painting starts at 11 for everyone who FORGOT their costume. 12 o’clock its go time! Our Halloween parade will snake through the entire market and culminate in prizes for Spookiest, Most Original and Best Home Made costumes. Competition will be fierce so make sure you bring your A game. The rest of the day we will have kids crafts, trick or treating with all our vendors and creepy surprises around every corner. But tricks aren’t only for kids: We will also be joined by some very special guests as part of our weekend market, as Building on Bond and weekend favorite Mrs. Dorsy’s Kitchen serve up some seasonal treats, and a German draft beer truck will be pouring seasonal brew’s all weekend! At 8pm Africa21 will begin their CMJ showcase.

Sunday: More crafts, face painting, tricks and treats. Weather permitting, we will be screening a kids Halloween classic as soon as the sun goes down. We are hoping it wont be a dark and stormy night, lest our screen take off like a ghost in the dark. All evening there will be delicious snacks and hearty fall beers for wandering, Oktoberfest minded adults.

We can’t wait to see you all there!



October is a great month for fun, and if you stopped by the market this past Sunday for the BK Night Bazaar you know nobody does it like Dekalb Market. We’re giving you plenty of time to gear up for our upcoming Fall Fest, October 22nd and 23rd, so start making your costume for our Halloween Parade and plotting out your favorite seasonal pie recipe for our Bake Off, because the competitions are fierce and the pressure is on!

But it wouldn’t be Dekalb if that was all we had in store. There will be a market-wide children’s haunted house, trick-or-treating with all our vendors, creepy crafts, special weekend treats to eat and Saturday night BBOX radio will bring down the house with Afrika21′s CMJ Showcase. Sunday there will be a screening of a kid’s halloween classic, I can’t tell you what but it involves a small white dog and the very real Great Pumpkin. Bring a blankie if the weather gets cold, gather around our fire pits to roast some marshmallows and enjoy some creepy fun.

New events will be constantly added so stay tuned and we hope to see you then!

Click here to download the event flyer.



This weekend is a busy one at the Market. All this month we will be creating Creepy Crafts for kids, suitable for all ages and of course, eco friendly. Crafts begin this Saturday at 11, complemented by stories and sing-along. Have you ever made a pumpkin out of a paper bag? Or a spider from egg crates? Get ready, Boo! Here they come.

And the fun is not only for kids. Saturday at 1pm please join our friends from MXGM for the previously rained-out Edible Weeds workshop. Bet you didn’t know that many weeds found along roadsides, in fields and or vegetable gardens are edible and beneficial. Come learn to identify several unintended friends and their culinary uses.

Can’t make it Saturday? Sunday at 2:30 we will again be joined by our friend Willow as our preschool workshop continues. Sunday will be packed full of excitement at the Market as we prepare for the Brooklyn Night Bazaar that evening. Hope to see you there as my favorite band, YACHT, plays (next to) my favorite urban farm. Can’t Wait!



Canning workshopThis Saturday (10/1) at 3:00pm we offer another exciting culinary workshop exploring The Art of The Tomato Sauce. Join Chef Nicola Maurello of Pasticcio, who serves up delicious traditional Italian food at Dekalb Market seven days a week, and Mark Hellerman, a farmer at the Dekalb Farm and professor at near-by Cuny City Tech, to produce a tomato sauce for all seasons and all tastes.

We will be joined by the students from the Hospitality Dept at City Tech who do plenty of sauce making during their rigorous training in the culinary arts. At the Tomato Sauce Canning Workshop their enthusiasm and culinary interest will be essential as they work with Chef Nicola and wife, Nina, who have been creating sauces for their family for the past 24 years! Now that’s a lot of tomatoes.

And it wouldn’t be Dekalb Sauce without produce from the farm. We will be harvesting Genovese basil and oregano right up to go-time to ensure our commitment to hyper-local, super-fresh continues. We can’t wait to see you there.



MXGM story timeThis weekend please join us at the farm for several fun, educational events, varying for all age groups. Friday evening (6-8pm) learn to identify several unintended friends and their culinary uses at our Edible Weed workshop, brought to you by Dekalb Farmers from MXGM. This workshop will be repeated the following day from 2-4pm. Classes are free to MXGM members, suggested donation $5 for all others.

We will be continuing our preschool workshops for children ages 3-5 Saturday at 11:30 with another Story Time! Then Sunday at 2:30 Willow, our lovable rabbit puppet makes another guest appearance with the help of the Family Cook Productions interns. Last weekend was a hit when we read stories, sang songs featuring our favorite farm animals, sampled local apples and dipped our fingers in chocolate. This weekend many other fun surprises lay in wait, so we hope to see you there!



This Sunday please join us at the Farm at 2:30 for a fun workshop for preschoolers aged 3-5, with help from our friend Willow (a adorable bunny puppet) and the Family Cook Production Interns. Last weekend we sampled local apples dipped in chocolate and learned about watering our garden. This weekend who knows what kind of fun adventures Willow has in store for us!

Then, at 4:00, stay for a workshop from Dekalb Farmers from the Brooklyn Grange. Randee and Patrick will be discussing what it means to run a Perma Culture garden in an urban environment, as well as the basics elements of design and maintenance. If you were on our tour at the Farm Party, you know these guys have a lot to say! If you are unfamiliar with the Grange and their wonderful produce, check out one of their markets or visit their beautiful, 1 acre rooftop farm in Long Island City. You will truly be amazed.



This Sunday will be a big one for New York. On Sept 11th, 2001, I was a high-school junior on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. It seems like a long time ago, although I can still remember getting dressed that day. Since then my career as a farmer has taken me out of the city, but I always knew I’d be back to share my experience and try pass on some of the contentment I have found through connecting with nature and the environment, and of course, fresh local foods. It seems fitting then that our first farm party become a celebration of both bio-diversity and cultural diversity as we explore what it means to grow in this city, together.

Join us at 5:00 as 3rd Ward helps kick-off festivities with a fun workshop on DIY Seed Saving and Trellising.

Festivities continue with help from The Greenhorns and the Brooklyn Food Coalition. The Dekalb Market will also be hosting the previously-rained-out Fashion Night Out, so their will be extra surprises awaiting all who attend!


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Due to the possibilities of hurricane, earthquake, big raindrops and high winds, some of the festivities of this coming weekend will be pushed to the following weekend, September 3rd and 4th. We are still in the midst of searching for an appropriate rain-date for our Farm Party, but stay tuned and we will let you know ASAP!

In the meantime, this still means we will be serving up the same educational, fun goodness previously offered. This includes: The continuation of the MXGM Story Time series Saturday (9/3) Morning at 10:30 and stay for a Greenroof Workshop that evening at 5pm from Atom’s Eco. The next day (9/4) sleep in, stretch, come on over to the market for breakfast and stay for 3rd Ward‘s DIY Trellising and Seed-saving workshop at 1:30. And the best part? It’s all FREE!

So, barring any additional disasters, catastrophes, blunders or boo-boos, we hope to see you then!



Local… a word that gets bandied about quite a bit these days. Local this, local that. Dekalb Farm takes it serious. We are serious about helping our community and neighbors eat healthy, buy smart and grow for themselves. ‘Why Local?’ will kick off our summer workshop series by answering this question—once and for all. Come Monday (August 8th) evening at 6pm for a fun and informative workshop, then stay for dinner! We will be making a delicious summer salad and a fresh pesto with produce from our farm. Yum! This workshop is for young and old alike, so bring the whole family.

The workshop will be hosted by Dekalb farmer Lynn Loflin of the Newton Farm Collective, a group of Catskill farmers who also live, grow and educate in Brooklyn. They are stewards of a plot at the Dekalb Farm and will be collaborating on workshops, cooking events and other projects throughout the summer. So, stop by and check us out!




We’re lucky to have chef Shana of Mazie’s International Soul joining us for a cooking demonstration of her delicious, addictive and healthy vegetarian collard greens. She’ll be leading the demo along with our Teen Battle Chefs to bring a taste of the Farm’s collards to the neighborhood. Stop by this Saturday at noon for a free sample and a copy of the recipe!

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