Vendor Spotlight: Arancini Bros.

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Off the market’s main drag, Arancini Bros. is making arancino magic, elevating this simple Sicilian street food with its unique and edgy ingredients. As they describe it, an arancino is “made with arborio rice and filled with anything our hearts desire. Then deep-fried and eaten hot. With your hands.”

It’s an addictive, flavor-packed ball of fried goodness. At $3 a pop, we challenge you to eat just one. As our first Arancini Bros. experience, we opted for the classic Ragu, filled with saffron risotto, meat ragu, peas, and mozzarella. Savoring this perfect combination, we could, if only for a moment, hear the waves of the Mediterranean lapping against the market walls. We will be back again Arancini…we will be back again.

The team behind the balls.


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