New York City

It’s the oldest business around. Or perhaps the second oldest — but even that trade relied on markets to grow. Markets and market culture are nothing new. Perhaps they are enjoying a renaissance these days with the explosion of markets popping up and coming to Brooklyn.

The announcements over the past week have certainly made it seem like this is the beginning of a new wave in alt retail. Cynics might call it a get-on-the-bandwagon sensation but we think it’s part of the same market forces that make markets different, ripe for discovery, and exciting venues for engagement. Whether it’s the news of Urban Space’s DeKalb Market, the sizzling after-hours idea for waterfront fun coming to Greenpoint called the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, or Brooklyn Flea‘s doubling-down in Williamsburg with a Saturday food market and a Sunday food and vintage market on the waterfront, things are about to get groovy for the whole culture of artists, designers, fleasters, foodies and the cult of fans and fan boys that loves to shop them.

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