Markets of New York City

There are lots of great markets growing and thriving in Brooklyn these days, and one of the most exciting ones is the coming Dekalb Market, soon to be a home to artisans, farmers, food innovators, and chickens.

I was incredulous as I walked along Flatbush Avenue towards the market site last December. I spent a semester studying at Long Island University (LIU) Brooklyn Campus as an undergraduate, and I could hardly imagine a market, let alone a farm, right across the street.

I squeezed through the fence to meet up with Eldon Scott, head of Urban Space NYC, the organization behind the Dekalb Market, as well as the Union Square and Columbus Circle Holiday Markets and the Madison Square Market. As we stood on the empty, frozen site, Eldon shared with me the plans for the market, which, if you look at the image from that day, was a testament to his vision.

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