Mayhem & Stout – Slow Braised Every Day

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Still riding high after a great cheesesteak from The Big CHZ STK last week, we decided that, in honor of America’s birthday, it was only appropriate to consume more meaty sandwiches.

So we meandered down to Mayhem & Stout for some seriously slow-braised sustenance. Mayhem preaches a D.I.Y. approach to sandwich construction and changes up their selection of meats, spreads and sauces each day. Here’s a sampling of what you might find:


Braised Short Rib, Braised & Roasted Pork Shoulder, Braised Chicken Thighs

Relishes & Spreads:

Pickled Onions Saffron, Radishes Greek Salad, Radish Pickled Apples, Italian Veg. Antipasto, Pickled Chiles


Dragon Sauce, Red Harissa, Blueberry Sriracha, Basil Oil, Aleppo Aioli, Green Harissa, Mango Mustard




On this particular day, we went for the short rib sandwich with cucumber salad and dragon sauce. The sauce is described as an “Asian-inspired BBQ sauce with a kick,” and is quite complex – alternately spicy, sweet, and tangy from bite to bite. The cucumber salad added a nice crunch to the messy affair, which, topped with fresh cilantro, riffs on the flavors of banh mi. The meat though, takes center stage, juicy and fall-apart tender. You can taste the love.

No matter what combination you choose, love appears to be the ubiquitous ingredient at Mayhem, a joint venture by Steve Applegate and Jay Brown. At least for now, you’ll only find these slow-braised wonders at Dekalb so stop by and formulate an optimal sandwich strategy. By our rudimentary calculations (using the menu above) there are 105 possible combinations. Time to get started!


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