May 19-20 // Food Vendor Highlights

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Are you looking forward to the Weekend Market this Saturday and Sunday? We know you want to come for the scrumptious burritos at Oaxaca, and those mouth watering cinnamon grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon and caramelized apples at Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen. Did we mention that we’ll have a handful of great food vendors waiting to feed your cravings? Check them out below!


Open Oyster – Selling exclusively raw and steamed Fisher’s Island Oysters, which are renowned favorites of both first timers and aficionados.

Oaxaca – Oaxaca Mexican Grill, is a fast casual Mexican restaurant. The name is a nod to the state of Oaxaca, Mexico and its culinary reputation for diverse, fresh and flavorful cuisine.

Alchemy Creamery – We are an independently owned creamery specializing in fruit, vegetable & tea bases to make extraordinary flavors.

Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen – Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen re-introduces the American classic, the grilled cheese sandwich.

Pan Latinwith the mission to celebrate and serve latin foods in a manner which is consistent with nutritious, organic, fair-trade, single-origin practices.

Neelam’s Kitchen – “One can actually taste the love that Neelam puts into the food she makes. Her dishes are not recipes, they are creations.”

Toukouleur African French Corp. – High quality, freshness, craveable flavors are just a few of the many qualities you will find in our food.

Gourmet Sorbet – Gourmet Sorbet spins together seasonal fresh ingredients to create a sorbet unlike any other you’ve tasted before.

– Taste of Ethiopia


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