Just Wingin It? Dekalb Wings Elevates a Humble Finger Food

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When most people think of chicken wings, they often I’m sure, envision cheap beer and Sunday football, limp sticks of celery, carrots of questionable origin, or $.25 wing night at the local pub.

For sure, wings can be absolutely satisfying and tasty, but far too often are not. Too often, wings are comprised of the poorest quality chicken, and soaked in a cloying, high fructose-tinged sauce, or simply killed with heat. Alas, there are but few brave souls entering this forlorn, highly compromised cuisine. Fortunately, if two wings diverged in a wood, Dekalb Wings has choosen the one less traveled by, and that makes all the delicious difference. Yes, Dekalb Wings elevates this humble finger food, resulting in a lip smacking snack that would leave even the most sophisticated foodie’s palate pleased.

While they may claim to be “just wingin it,” Dekalb Wings clearly bases their wings on a tried and true method, as well as the freshest ingredients. They start with organic, free range birds, an excellent start. Then, you choose between one of their two homemade, and equally satisfying sauces – buffalo, or sweet & tangy. For a well priced $5.95, I went for the 6pc wings split evenly among the two sauces.


The buffalo delivers a solid, classic wing flavor profile, spicy but not at all overbearing. The slick, sweet & tangy sauce on the other hand, will have you licking your fingers clean. Even more impressive though, is the extraordinary level of crunch they’re able to maintain on each wing, while if by magic preserving the tenderness of the meat inside. It’s like taking one of the best pieces of fried chicken you’ve had and coating it in the most seriously complex and delightful of sauces. Just wingin it? I’d say there’s some kind of chicken wing alchemy going on here, resulting in something truly, truly special.




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