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Fashion designer Nanako Miller kicked off her career in 1999 as a Japanese model. Her early work also involved extensive training in ballet, which led to a love for costume design. It’s no surprise that her clothing line, which she began in 2005, speaks to a wide range of women who love beautiful, yet comfortable designs:

“A part of the reason that we are doing very well is we have a wide age range of ladies as regular customers. We have a lot of local fans, but also across the U.S. and overseas, tourists who only come to NY once a year and take time to see me. I don’t rule out any ladies.”

Nanako’s Japanese heritage gave her a strong background in international fashion, allowing her to understand demographics in different countries and how her designs can relate to them. Her target group is young, spirited women who love fashion. Her most prized pieces are her two-tone tank dress with scarf (style number 1108) and her tank dress with tie front (style number 1038). She considers these pieces the most popular because they are very versatile, and can be styled to fit a wide range of tastes.

Nanako loves being at Dekalb Market for more reasons than one, but she is primarily drawn to the sense of community:

“I enjoy being a part of independent designer markets such as Dekalb Market. Hopefully, places like this will continue on. If I had a few more cool places to showcase my line, I would be very happy.”

Nanako also has taken a liking to the fantastic food at Dekalb, most notably Mazie’s mac and cheese – and we can’t blame her, it’s seriously delicious. Nanako’s also a big time coffee person, and always starts her day off with a few cups, after she’s fed her beloved kitty, of course. Stop by Dekalb and check out her beautiful, versatile designs – don’t forget to snag some epic mac and cheese!


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