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The Operative Word Is “Family”

One of the stated goals of the Dekalb Farm is to be an incubator for local farmers and cooperatives. For the growers who are part of our community, the literal process of sowing the seeds, nurturing the crops and bringing them to harvest does not end when the food is served at the table. The metaphor extends to the lives of the people who are touched by the spirit of our mission when they experience, hands-on, what it means to incubate friendships, community and family through the common denominator of food.

One of our resident growers, Family Cook Productions, uses their Teen Battle Chef program to impart in-depth knowledge about the culinary arts to high school and post-high school students. Program participant, Chima Agwu, is proof of the possibilities when truth comes to power. Watch him tell his story in the video below. You can also read more here.


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