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Entertainment @ Dekalb | August 19-21

by Dekalb Market on August 18, 2011

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Come stop by Dekalb this weekend cuz’ its packed with entertainment! BBOX Radio and Brooklyn Beats are at it again!

BBOX Radio presents:

DJ Romano | Friday 5:00pm-7:30pm

DJ Romano, who has been in the New York caribbean music scene for almost 30 years, will be spinning Caribbean beats from around the world: Reggaeton, Salsa, Meringue, Roots, Dancehall, Ska, Lover’s Rock, Soca, Calypso. etc. [email protected]

FLIK N’ FRY (7:30 eats, 8:30 movie) | Friday 7:30pm-late 

 Get your Snake Plissken on with BBOX Radio and Carter Magazine this Friday, August 19th, as we screen John Carpenter’s 1981 classic, “Escape From New York.” Recall a New York City era during which the idea of Manhattan turning into a maximum security prison seemed not so radical a thought! We will show the film under the tent at the Dekalb Market, so expect a big screen and BBOX surround sound. There will be food from vendors at the Dekalb Market and, of course, popcorn (from Cuzin’s Duzin.)


The Vintage DJ | Saturday 11:00am-1:00pm

The Vintage DJ spins original 78′s, 45′s and 33′s on vintage turntables, with an eclectic mix of records from the 30′s, 40′s, 50′s, 60′s and early 70′s. His BBOX radio show, The Time Machine, will debut atBBOXRADIO.COM in September.

Radio Armada (live music) + DJ Zebandito | Saturday 1:00pm-3:30

Radio Armada and DJ Zebandito are the live band and DJ moniker of Sebastien Loindici. Sebastien has played with Gogol Bordello, engineered film scores; and performed internationally as a jazz musician and master of punk, reggae, cumbia and electronic dance music. Words can’t describe his style.

DJ Alias | Saturday 3:30-6:00

DJ Alias blends music with the ultimate freedom, where genre is not an issue. Good music, and Vibrating dance floors is his main objective. DJ Alias has been blessing New York City dance floors with his eclectic style for nearly a decade. Growing up on a healthy musical diet Alias was exposed to Motown, Gospel, and classical. Classic Rock, Soul, and World music. Hip Hop took him at the age of eight and from then on was immersed in the culture. Just as Hip Hop was built from all styles of music, DJ Alias builds his musical journey with beats that span decades and cultures. His BBOX radio show, Full Spectrum, will be streaming at BBOXRADIO.COM in September. @DJAliasmusic

David Ellenbogen (live performance + Radio Show) | Sunday 4:30pm-6:00pm

David Ellenbogen is a musician, producer, and a New York City radio host. As a guitarist and vocalist he has performed in The Kingdom of Tonga, Ghana, Australia, Thailand, India, and at home in New York. With an open mind and approach, he performs everything from Hendrix to Bach and incorporates world music styles that span continents and centuries. He is also working on a new project called The Acoustic Mandala Project,

The ZRO Hour | Sunday 6:00-close

Since 2004, THEZROHOUR.COM has brought forward some of the best in independent hip hop, old school classics and rare gems from the vault of hip hop’s history. In September, The ZRO Hour will be heard on BBOX Radio at BBOXRADIO.COM, featuring interviews, exclusive tribute shows and bangin’ beats, from hip hop to experimental, in the classic underground radio format.

Brooklyn Beats presents:

I Love Vinyl | Saturday 6:00pm-close

I Love Vinyl was founded by NYC-based dj/producer Scribe in 2009, with a Dream Team of resident romantics. With over 100 years of spinning, and over 100,000 records between them, all-stars Ge-Ology, Amir (Kon & Amir), The Twilite Tone (Great Weekend), OP! (Decon), Jon Oliver (The Main Ingredient/EVR) and Scribe comprise the Dream Team. You might hear some Soul, Disco, Dilla, Boogie, Hustle, Hip-Hop, House, Techno, No Wave, New Jack Swing, Dancefloor Jazz, Latin, Funk, Electro, Punk/Funk or Afrobeat. Whatever you hear, it will be weaved into a cohesively funky, and irresistibly danceable, revolutionary sonic manifesto.

DJ Moshef | Sunday 12-4pm

DJ Moshef, based in Brooklyn, has been a hip hop junkie since his father first played him a Grandmaster Flash 12-inch single at the age of seven. Latin jazz, rock and Motown were his early influences, and today his music interests have expanded to include everything from down tempo to funk, house and the indie rock scene. He took his passion for music professional 8 years ago, spinning in Brooklyn and New York City. When he’s behind the turntables expect to hear a wide range of music that will get your body moving.



















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