August 5 // HerbNZest Presents “Zesty Bites” // 1 – 4pm // FREE

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August 5 // HerbNZest Presents “Zesty Bites” // 1 – 4pm // FREE

HerbNZest ( is a local, natural, and vegan line of fruit chutneys.

HerbNZest offers a new twist on gourmet food with condiments that highlight unique flavors inspired by Founder Deb’s multicultural experiences such as Fennel SaffronPumpkin Butter and Basil Peach Raisin Chutney. The condiments are easy, andversatile enough to build healthy everyday meals around or showcase on specialoccasions. Through HerbNZest’s website, products, and recipes, Deb hopes to inspire people to create good food that fits their lifestyle.

More information on HerbNZest can be found at and Store locations that carry HerbNzest products can be found You canreach HerbNZest on Twitter: @HerbNZest,Facebook: HerbNZest,and Pinterest: HerbNZest.

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